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School Fleet

FFC has a diverse fleet of aircraft to accommodate all of your flying needs, whether it be primary training in a light-sport or advanced training in a Cessna and Redbird Simulator.

The fleet of aircraft is comprised of the latest and modern technology and instruments as well as classic relics. Combined with exceptional maintenance and upkeep, FFC provides a competitive edge amongst the industry.

Remos GX


The GX is the pinnacle of the club! It's designed to be incredibly stable and forgiving, making it an ideal aircraft for both beginners and experienced pilots. With its nimble and agile capabilities, the GX is an exciting aircraft to fly and learn in. Whether you want to learn the basics or perfect your flying skills, the GX is the perfect aircraft for you. 


Redbird LD Simulator (Coming Soon)


The Redbird Flight Simulator is the gold standard for flight training. It is an advanced aviation training device that allows IFR students to receive and log flight training experience towards their ratings. The Redbird Flight Simulator is an affordable alternative to renting an aircraft and battling adverse weather conditions, allowing students to enjoy the same experience at a fraction of the cost. With its realistic controls, visuals, and sound, the Redbird Flight Simulator gives students the closest experience to actually flying a plane.


Cessna 172 Skyhawk (coming soon)


The Cessna Skyhawk is an iconic and reliable aircraft that has been a cornerstone of aviation training for decades. It is the single most popular aircraft in aviation, and a hallmark of flight training. The Skyhawk is a pleasure to fly and is an excellent choice for instrument rating training. Its robust build and dependable performance make it an ideal aircraft for aspiring instrument pilots. Compared to the competition, it is the most affordable Skyhawk in the Chicagoland area.


Taylorcraft DC
(Coming Soon)


The Taylorcraft is a classic taildragger that has been a favorite among pilots for years. Pilots can experience flying this amazing aircraft and learn how to take off, land, and taxi on a grass runway. The instructors can provide tailwheel endorsements and help members become a skilled pilot in this incredible old-school airplane. 

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