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Club Instructors

Jack Maechtle


Jack is the founder and chief flight instructor of FFC. He has over 10 years and 4,000 hours of flying experience and has helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams of becoming licensed pilots. He is passionate about aviation and passing that passion onto his students. He places a specifically high emphasis on the quality of training provided in the club. In his free time, he enjoys flying his personal planes (LongEZ and Aeroprakt), and exploring new destinations all over the country with his wife.

As Chief Flight Instructor, Jack serves a special role in ensuring that the quality of flight training received in the club is exceptional compared to the industry standard. Club members who intend on flying professionally will receive special and focused care by him to ensure there success in accomplishing the goal of becoming a professional pilot.


Dave Smith


Dave is a highly experienced Flight Instructor with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Every club member enjoys his wisdom. He goes above and beyond with every student in a classic instructor fashion. With over 16 years of experience as a certified Flight Instructor and 40 years of flying experience, Dave is the perfect choice for your training needs. When he’s not teaching, Dave enjoys flying his classic airplane- a Piper Cruiser.


Dominic Gemignani


Dominic has 7 years of flight experience. He currently flies Business Jets (Hawker 800XP's) professionally. He finds much joy out of helping others achieve their dreams of flying. He has helped countless students earn a variety of different ratings in his teaching career. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking, cooking, and hiking new trails with his wife.

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